Elder Law

Be Prepared For The Future

Many clients (and the family members who are taking care of these clients) are stressed because they do not know how they will be able to pay for long term care. Thankfully, you can relieve some of that stress with careful long term care planning with a BMC attorney.

Elder Law and Long Term Care Planning relate to the medical, financial, and legal issues that arise as you get older. For example, if you or one of your family members become incapacitated or require living assistance in a nursing home or an assisted living facility, Long Term Care Planning will ensure that you will have the funds available to meet your needs

Why do you need to plan?

Statistics show that about two out of every three families run out of money within a year of entering a nursing home. To make matters worse, the price of long term care is expected to go up dramatically in the next five years. Without a plan, these statistics should make you nervous. BMC can help you create a plan that will protect you and help you breathe easy to ensure that you and your loved ones enjoy the later years in life.


Long Term Care Planning Can Be Done at Any Stage of Life

Long Term Care Planning is not just for men and women 70 and up. In fact, Long Term Care Planning can help you if you:

  • Want to get a jumpstart on your future and protect your family and assets, or
  • Are a baby boomer settling into retirement, or
  • Are over the age of 50 and need assistance planning for the future.

If you have an Elder Law or Long Term Care Planning question, then please use the contact form to the right, or call 908-236-6457, or email Alec Borenstein, Esq., and someone will get back to you within one business day.

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