Estate Administration

You don’t have to be overwhelmed.

The death of someone close to you is devastating. You and your family need to grieve and mourn the person you lost. But at some point the world moves on and the affairs of the estate and probate obligations must be administered.

There are bills to pay. There are properties to transfer. There are documents to sign and beneficiaries to keep happy.


It might seem daunting, and the truth is, it is daunting. There is a lot to do, there are a lot of demands on you, and the entire estate administration process can be overwhelming. That’s where BMC can help.

Your duties as the executor are as follows:

  • First, you have to find the will and have it probated. In English, Probate is the legal procedure used to establish the validity of the Will.
  • Then, you have to locate and protect the assets of the estate. Similarly, you will have to value the assets in the estate.
  • At some point (usually within 60 days) you have to find and notify the beneficiaries.
  • Eventually you will have to pay the debts, expenses, and taxes of the estate from the estate’s assets.
  • Throughout the entire process you will have to comply with the requirements of state and federal law.
  • Once you have followed the terms outlined in the will and have followed all proper procedures, you will have to distribute property and retitle assets to complete the estate administration process.

If you’re the executor or administrator of an estate, this can be an overwhelming process. At BMC, we will make sure this process is as simple and efficient for you as possible, and we will take as much responsibility as we can off your shoulders so that you can spend more time getting your life back together and less time worrying about how to pay someone else’s bill.

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