Why Do You Need a Will Now?

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Why Do You Need a Will Now?

Surveys reveal that most Americans put off until tomorrow the Will they should prepare today. Why? Because facing mortality is not comfortable at any age. However, as time presses on and responsibilities mount, taking care of loved ones after you are gone assumes even greater importance.

Whether in Hunterdon, Union, Bergen or any county in New Jersey, a Will is an important aspect of an estate plan. Life—like death—is uncertain. If you pass away without a Will in New Jersey, state law dictates distribution of the assets you worked so hard to accumulate during your life.

Consider these reasons for creating your Will sooner instead of later:

  1. Choices: Writing your Will gives you the opportunity to make necessary decisions. Just as you make choices about how you live your life and use your assets, a Will enables you to make final decisions about your property after you pass away.
  1. Children: A Will is important for all parents. If you have minor children, a Will designates who becomes the guardian of your children should you, and potentially their other parent, die. While this seems a distant possibility, it is comforting to know that your children will be raised and cared for by those of your choice—rather than guardians chosen by a court.
  1. Family: A properly drafted Will helps your family in many ways. After a death, family members suffer grief, stress and shock. Taking the time to care for your family now is a gift to those who will mourn your loss later. A correctly prepared Will smoothly and rapidly directs the disposition of assets to beneficiaries and reduces the likelihood of ill will between family members.
  1. Details: A Will details what you have and where it should go. By mustering this information, you save time and expense for the executor appointed to carry out your wishes. Only you know all the property you own and the location of assets and accounts. As you work through the details of distributing assets during preparation of your Will, you make decisions that only you can, and should, make.

Take the time to help secure the future of your loved ones by making your Will today. When you have questions about creating or updating your Will in New Jersey, speak with an experienced estate planning attorney.  Alec Borenstein, Esq., a partner in the firm will come to your house or place of business in New Jersey, or we can meet you in our Lebanon or Springfield offices.  To schedule a consultation, please call 908-236-6457 or email alec@bmcestateplanning.com.

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