Why Are You Checking Email Today?

Welcome to the BMC Newsletter!  Why are you checking email today, on a Sunday? There could be many reasons. You could be addicted to your phone. You could be working. You might also own your own business, and when you own your own business you’re always on call. Which is why you’re checking your email today. If you do own your

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The Documents You Need for Your Estate Plan


The Documents You Need for Your Estate Plan Whether you are thinking about creating an estate plan or already have one in place, it is important to ensure you have the proper documentation. Unless you have a law degree, understanding estate planning can be confusing. In this DIY age, you may be inclined to try and create your estate plan

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Resolve to Create Your Estate Plan in 2015

new year's resolution, estate planning, new jersey, wills, trusts

Add Estate Planning to Your New Year’s Resolutions List Now that we are in the New Year, and back to work, let’s talk about our New Year’s resolutions.   Many people set out to tackle the same old resolutions once and for all—stop biting their nails, exercise more, quit smoking, help out around the house, lose 20 pounds. But what about

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