Understanding “I Love You Wills” in New Jersey


If you are married and creating or updating your estate plan, you may be considering “I love you Wills.” Essentially, this type of Will leaves all your personal belongings to your spouse in the event of your death, and vice versa. For many married couples, “I love you Wills” present a more straightforward approach to estate planning — you love

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Updating an Estate Plan After a Divorce in New Jersey


Updating an Estate Plan After a Divorce: Making sure your estate plan is up to date is important—especially after a divorce.  In New Jersey, if you know you are moving toward divorce, there is no better time than the present to look at your estate plan. After a divorce, state law revokes language in a Will executed prior to divorce that appoints property

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Taking Care of Tomorrow: Five Important Reasons Why You Need an Estate Plan


It’s easy to put off preparing your estate plan until tomorrow. Let’s talk about five good reasons to speak with an attorney and prepare your estate plan today. Estate plans do more than direct the distribution of assets after you pass away. In fact, basic estate plans are essential for all adults over 18. Consider these key goals if you

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