Questions to Consider When Estate Planning

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Many people avoid planning their estate or speaking to an estate planning attorney because they fear their own mortality. Let’s face it — pondering your demise and how your survivors will spend your hard-earned assets can be unsettling. However, like going to the doctor, seeing an estate planning lawyer can grant you peace of mind. Wouldn’t you like to sleep

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The Power of a Will

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The Power of a Will Movies and television often portray wills as mysterious documents that guard hidden treasures over which many family feuds ensue. However, in real life, a will is a legal document containing your final wishes. Depending on how you draft your will, the size of your estate and the number of heirs you leave behind, your legacy may

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The Last Will of Joan Rivers

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The Last Will of Joan Rivers Comedy legend and TV personality Joan Rivers once told TIME Magazine, ““I ain’t afraid of death. I’m in show business, I’ve died a million times.” Sadly, the media icon passed away on September 4, 2014 while undergoing a routine endoscopy. The procedure, which involves an analysis of the throat while the patient is anesthetized,

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