Improper Estate Planning Reveals the Secret KFC Recipe!


In the culinary world, a secret recipe is everything. For fast food giant KFC, the recipe for its chicken is so closely guarded that it sits in a 770-pound safe covered in two feet of concrete and monitored by motion sensors and video cameras. Seriously, it sounds like something out of a Mission Impossible movie!

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Questions to Consider When Estate Planning

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Many people avoid planning their estate or speaking to an estate planning attorney because they fear their own mortality. Let’s face it — pondering your demise and how your survivors will spend your hard-earned assets can be unsettling. However, like going to the doctor, seeing an estate planning lawyer can grant you peace of mind. Wouldn’t you like to sleep

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Long Lost: Establishing Parentage for Intestate Succession

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Long Lost: Establishing Parentage for Intestate Succession Today was a big day for 28-year-old Andy. Based on a tip provided by an elderly aunt, he was finally able to locate his long-lost father. Unfortunately he also found out that his father had only hours to live and would be leaving a vast fortune behind. Andy rushed to the hospital, but

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New York Times publishes “The Lonely Death of George Bell”

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New York Times publishes “The Lonely Death of George Bell” George Bell lived alone, died alone, and his body was discovered alone. A small, but significant number of people die each year without family or friends to mourn them. What happens to the remains of those who die alone? What happens to their things? Most importantly, what happens to the life-story

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Looking a Gift-Horse in the Mouth: Renouncing a Bequest

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Looking a Gift-Horse in the Mouth: Renouncing a Bequest Why would anyone lucky enough to be a beneficiary under a will decide to reject the gift being left to them? The law calls this type of rejection a “disclaimer” or “renunciation”—and it’s a very important estate planning tool to consider whether you are administering or are the beneficiary of an

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